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Max Accessible for big Wheelchair width

Checklist How make Bedrooms Bathrooms MAX Accessible for Persons using Wheelchairs

All doors everywhere 90cm wide or more

No steps + no elevation difference more than 1cm anywhere


  • Roll-in Shower for BIG    shower chair
  • XTRA long shower cord/hose
  • nothing under sink/faucet so prm wheelchair gets under to wash hands    face etc
  • plenty of space all  around  toilet
  • sturdy handlebars  around toilet


Either roof-mounted traversing lift/hoist  (best) or portable lift/hoist (Liko Light is good for travelling)

  • Big   bed (queen or bigger)
  • Plenty of space around bed to operate big wheelchair and LIFT
  • if portable LIFT   (eg Hotels without roof/ceiling lift):
  • GAP/SPACE more than  11cm  between floor and  bed -  see photos:                                                                                                 

My name is Peter. I am co-founder of this site + try make the world better by helping people solve their housing needs for free + since I'm handicapped  from 'FA' and using wheelchair I have this Facebook page with FA-tips (my handicap is called FA 'Friedreich's Ataxia')
+ enjoy travelling (hence this page to explain to hotels what PRM's could need). Here´s a few short clips from national TV (France + Sweden) helping people who use wheelchairs:

Do you want to ENJOY work (Stockholm + travels)? Then apply to work as my PCA Personal Care Assistant Personlig Assistent:

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